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Straightening of parts and elimination of material stress as preparation for further working

Deformation of the material and the lack of flatness are typical outcomes of the laser cutting process, which results from local heating of the cut material.

With the use of our HRC 50/750 straightener, we are able to eliminate flatness defects in the range of material thickness from 0.5mm to 12mm and maximum width of the straightened elements up to 750mm.

All stresses are released, which makes subsequent operations, such as bending or welding, much more repeatable.

Advantages of straightening the parts after laser cutting:

  •     high flatness of the parts
  •     removal of internal stresses in the material
  •     problem-free further working by bending and welding
  •     no additional costly finishing work or manual straightening
  •     high quality of the parts
  •     low price

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